About this site

Aim: The aim of this resource is to allow children to explore and understand some of the processes involved and challenges faced by scientists working in industry. A combination of website, printed resources and classroom practical activities encourages creative ideas and innovative solutions to scientific and technical problems.

Age range: The activities in this resource are designed for children 9-11 yrs.

Context: This resource is based upon actual processes used in industry to research, develop and produce ingredients used in a wide variety of everyday home care, personal and health care products.


It is intended that the website is used by the teacher to introduce each storyline and that the children interact with the web pages throughout their investigations. In particular, questions, animations, multiple choice quizzes and other activities used in the plenary sessions will enhance and embed the learning, and provide the stimulus for further investigation. The activities are organised into three themes:

The activities are designed to encourage the development of enquiry skills, discussion and problem solving consistent with National Curriculum requirements.

Approximate duration: The timings for each activity are given as a guide, and will vary from class to class. They range in length from 1 to 3 hours.

Video Transcripts

Each video clip includes a link to download a printable version of the spoken words in pdf format. You can also download all the transcripts as one document: All Video Transcipts (pdf: 431kB)

Further Information

For further details about the resource and individual activities refer to the accompanying printed material, available from this site in pdf format: Science of Healthy Skin (1.4MB)