Ambassadors for Science

Many science-based companies are keen to build links between their own employees and local schools. This benefits both parties: children are able to see the relevance of science in the wider world, and employees have the opportunity to develop key communication skills - it can also be great fun!

In practical terms it may involve a suitable site visit for children, but another approach that can be used as an alternative, or in combination, is for an ambassador from the company to visit the school to take part in a specific project. This option is particularly useful where site activities would make it difficult to host school groups.

Ambassador Training

It is essential that Ambassadors are chosen and trained carefully. They may need to be able to communicate complex ideas using simple language and need to be enthusiastic and interesting.

CIEC Promoting Science have been working with industry and schools for many years, and are able to provide ambassador training for industry. For further details please contact

For more information about developing science-industry links, visit the Children Challenging Industry web site.

Visit our additional Ambassador Pages if your company is involved in the production of Omega 3 or related products.

Ambassadors into Schools

CIEC have contact with a number of companies across the uk. To find out whether your school is near one of these companies, and to request an ambassador visit, please contact